Vacation or for Business

Planning either a trip for your vacation that has been planned for months, or for that important unexpected business trip. Why worry about that trip to airport?  Need to get to JFK, ISP, LGA or Newark Airport? Why take your own car when you are able to use Bridgehampton – Executive Limousine service to get you there.

Why Use Bridgehampton Limo?

 Why fight the traffic when a professional driver is able to get you to JFK, LGA, ISP or  Newark Airport without the stress of dealing with it and you are able to sit back and relax; or prepare for that important meeting that you may be traveling to. By letting our professional drivers take you to the airport you need not inconvenience a friend or family member to get you there.

The Parking-The Luggage-The Hassle!

Why worry about where you will park the car at JFK, LGA<ISP or Newark Airport when you are able to be dropped off right at the curb and check you baggage at one of the outdoor baggage checks. And when you return home, our drivers will meet you inside to help you with your luggage (or at curbside if preferred) and get you home safely and assist you with luggage at home if necessary.


Many think that a fee for transportation to Newark Airport is expensive. But when you consider the tolls and parking that have to be paid, the assistance with luggage, the professionalism of the Bridgehampton Limo drivers and their knowledge of the roads to avoid traffic that may delay your departure, there is value in using a transportation service. So why not call one of the reservation specialists of Bridgehampton-Executive Limousine the next time you need to fly to or from JFK, LGA, ISP or Newark Airport.

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